Saturday, September 16, 2006

First update - it is raining

The last post is a reprint of an aticle that I wrote last year. This one is today.
I sit here in the office which is next to the garage and it is raining outside, that in itself may not be anything amazing but here where the sun shines most of the time, it is. I have collected and cut loads of oak for the heating, as the only heating that we have is wood fired, and stacked it under shelter around the house. There will not be enough for the whole winter but our farmer friend will supply is with more as we need it.
The bikes are tucked up in the garage, but not for the long term, they will come out again if the sun should shine.
The picture was taken last year May on the way to Andorra. My bike is the silver one and Judes is the Dyson coloured one. Those who know anything about bikes will know that they are a pair of BMW R1100S's. They may look like single seaters, but the rear seat cover does come off to seat two. Jude will not take a passenger on her bike anyway.


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