Thursday, December 07, 2006

A trip to England - part 1

Well here we are back in the Dordogne at last. We decided on the short notice trip to England as we had not been back for 18 months and thought that we could not spend all our time enjoying the quiet life here in France without seeing how the family was getting on in the UK. The picture above shows the car waiting to board the ferry for Dover. The tank is full of cheap French diesel as it is 50% more expensive in the UK. I use Speedferries for the crossing as the trip is only around 55 minutes and the price is very cheap compared to the other ferry operators.
On the trip to Boulogne we covered around 520 miles in about 7 hours driving.

The morning after our arrival in Stonesfield, near Oxford, we woke to a frosty morning and went for a walk. This is the nice part of England with few people and empty countryside. Jude's sister Lib supplied the accommodation and this picture is of the garden leading down to the woods.
Libs husband, Rob, had left the tractor out overnight, I think it was done so that I could take this picture in the morning.
Half a mile away is the stream with so many fallen leaves that we spent a couple of hours clearing it.
I had the camera with me at all times so that I could take any good blog pictures if I saw them, this has to be one of the best.


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