Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dordogne towns from the air

St Leon sur Vezere




Les Eyzies

Les Eyzies

We have collected quite a few photos of some of the local towns and villages from the air. My wife has bought herself a very expensive camera to take thes pictures and we thought that we should share some of them. I have posted the pictures in quite a low resolution, 600 by 400 so that people cannot copy them and use them for commercial purposes.
Should you see a picture that you want a copy of then let me know and I can supply a 30cm by 40cm print made from the original which has a resolution of 4752 by 3168 pixels - that is a 15 megapixel photo! It will, of course, cost you a donation.
Should you want a picture of any other towns or villages that are local to this area of the Dordogne, that can be done too. You will need to email me with the details.


At 7:33 pm, Blogger Kevin said...

Any chances of some good pics of Razac d'Eymet?

We used to own a house there.

Thanks, Bob!


At 8:02 pm, Blogger madman said...

Funny that you should ask that. I have just looked it up on the map and it is 3 miles to the west of where we landed when we took these photos.
I'll try to remember next time I am down that way. You want the village itself?


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