Saturday, September 16, 2006

It does snow in the Dordogne!

I thought this picture might interest some. This is the small road that leads down from the end of our drive out to the tarmac road. This area is a very popular holiday spot for many including the British, Dutch and even the French from other areas. Many of them come here for the fantastic weather during the summer months and others come for the history. If you think this area is warm and sunny all the year round, then think again, this was the situation at the end of January this year. We could not get the car, a Citroen Xantia, out onto the tarmac road for three days. It won't happen again too soon though as this was meant to be the worst snow for 20 years, and we have bought ourselves a Hyundai Tucson four wheel drive.. That still doesn't mean that it is allways warm, temperatures in the winter often get down to minus 10 celsius at night. We are lucky in that we have enough trees to keep us going with wood through the winter.
We are off for a quick holiday in Spain on monday so there will be no posts for a week or so.
When we return, I will do a little article on the history of this area, it is something that I find interesting and there are few areas that I have visited where habitation of a site can be proved to be continous for over 18,000 years.


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