Friday, December 08, 2006

Woodstock, near Oxford, England

On the recent UK trip I happened to stop in Woodstock and decided to continue the theme of historic places on this blog. Unfortunately it was a little wet on the day so the photos do not do it justice.
Woodstock is the small town adjacent to Blenheim Palace, Sir Winston Churchill's home. There are many old buildings and public houses there but none seem to be as well preserved as those in France.
In fact, there seem to be as many car parks as old buildings which spoils the town.
As many will have read in previous posts, we were married in Woodstock, but at the time there was no red post office van parked there to ruin the view.
The other thing that spoils the town is the litter and overall shabby feel to the place. It is such a shame that a place like this is not better managed by the authorities responsible.
This view shows the main road through town. There is a speed camera at each end of this road, no doubt labeled a safety camera, whereas the correct name should be a revenue collector. There seem to be thousands of these cameras in the UK now and the congestion on the roads seems to be much worse than it was when we left 2 years ago.
A view down the main road showing the Marlborough Arms public house on the left.
The trip was good in that we spent time in countryside with Jude's family, but the driving, litter, congestion, and the weather spoils the rest of the country. Would I move back? Not a chance.


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