Friday, February 23, 2007

Jude wants to change her bike

Well it must be that time again. Jude has decided to sell her bike and buy a new one. She loved the Honda Blackbird that she used to own, and has enjoyed the BMW R1100S. It is a very nimble bike and is perfect for the twisty French roads. It is the yellow and silver one in the picture below.
The bike is a 2001 model, with 99 bhp, and now sports French numberplates. It has around 27000 miles and has a few extras, these include a Y piece, BMW panniers and rails, heated handlebar grips, cylinder protectors, headlight protector and a carbon fibre hugger on the back wheel.
She is looking for around 6800 euros, should anyone be interested.

This is what she wants: A BMW K1200S in black. 4 cylinder, but only 106 bhp on the French market as opposed to the full power 168 bhp version in the rest of Europe.
She also tells me that the new bike will be no good with the standard exhaust on it and I will have to change that part as soon as she takes delivery.
She has found the K1200S website dedicated to the bike at and reads it everyday. What am I to do?

It was Jude's birthday the other day, she got out of bed and went into the kitchen to look out of the window. I could see that she was looking for something and it was not to see if the squirrel was on the bird table! She was looking to see if I had bought the new bike for her birthday present.

All I can say is that when she sells her bike and buys the new one then I'll sell mine too and I am having a BMW K1200R Sport!


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