Monday, August 11, 2008

Landing in the heat

On this landing we had just returned from Brantome to the north. As it was the middle of a hot sunny day we had flown at 4000 feet where the air was much smoother and not affected by any turbulence. As we descended to land at Cendrieux we had to fly over the large expanses of plastic that cover the strawberry fields, these create loads of turbulence. The trees around the airstrip don't help much either.


At 9:22 pm, Blogger Riggers said...

Aah - the joys of flying a wobbly-wing!
One year, to keep my hours up, (I'd sold my Quantum some time earlier), I flew a Cessa 172 out of Shipdham. We had bashed the circuit a few times when the instructor asked me why I was making so many control inputs on the approach: his opinion was that you just set the aircraft up at about 1/2 mile to run, then leave it alone.
He looked a bit miffed when I said that he'd obviuosly never experienced REAL flying!

Some time later, flying a Quantum with my microlight instructor Paul Dewhurst in the back, he bollocked me for not making ENOUGH control inputs during the approach!!!

At 10:00 pm, Blogger madman said...

You will notice that the windsock here is shredded! We had some high winds during the week.
Paul D was the last owner of my Tanarg when it was UK registered. I bought it from Stu at Sywell.


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