Friday, May 16, 2008

3 axis microlights

Our friends, Wim and Regis are the joint owners of a 3 axis microlight. The yellow one in the picture below is known as a sirocco and is the aircraft that they have flown for a while. After too many heavy landings it was found to be a little bent, so they decided that they should scrap it and invest in something else.
This is Wim after a landing.

Here is the new microlight, a Weedhopper as seen for the first time over the airfield at Cendrieux.

And the same machine after the landing, it was immediately named the flying Tomato, but is to be renamed the Red Baron.

Once again Wim after a landing.Note that they have fitted the bigger wheels off the last aircraft to the Weedhopper as it makes life easier on the grass strips. Wim and Regis are off to make some spats (mudguards) for it this afternoon as their small airstrip is in the middle of a cow field, and the cows tend to leave sloppy brown stuff on the runway for them to drive through. Makes a mess of the wings with no spats fitted!


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