Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Flying on 9/11

Nearly forgot to post this video.
We decided that 9/11 as the Americans call it, (11/9 in the rest of the world) would be a nice flying day despite being the anniversary of the planes crashing into the twin towers. We went over to Domme where we were meeting up with another microlight to fly the 5 chateaus trip.
Jude took this video on arrival in Domme.
After lunch we set off home, but the weather was closing in from the direction of our airfield. After about 5 minutes flying we turned back and put our Tanarg into the hangar at Domme. We then had to phone our Friend Eddy who kindly came over in his car to drive us back to our airfield.
Our aircraft was recovered the next day.
Perhaps 9/11 was an omen!


At 11:33 am, Blogger Riggers said...


It's bloody draughty watching flexwings... I wish you'd get a proper aeroplane. ;-)

BTW: In all your videos, what's that mysterious light in the sky? I think I've seen it before, but I'm not sure.



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