Saturday, September 16, 2006

The fun of flying

Found this picture of me back in about 97. I was trained to fly a microlight and soon bought one of my own. In this picture I was flying my second aircraft, a Raven 44xlr, in Yorkshire just as the sun was going down.
Within a year of obtaining my pilots lisence (PPL), I had flown around 100 hours. That included a trip around the UK, a trip around northern Europe and then finally a trip from Vancouver Island on the Pacific coast of Canada to Winniepeg in the center.
I went on to fly light aircraft after upgrading my PPL at RAF Halton flying club. Light aircraft were pretty boring compared to microlights and gave up all together after a while.
I now love bikes again, but the flexwing microlight is very much like a three dimensional motorbike. If I ever get around to converting my UK PPL to a French one, I may buy another aircraft.
This must be one of the nicest areas in Europe to play around in the sky.


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