Thursday, October 05, 2006

Royal Air Force

I found these pictures taken at RAF Wyton back in 2004. The first shows a Tornado GR4. This aircraft is basically a low level bomber as was used in the Gulf war. It has a swing wing design and has proved to be a formidable machine. It is a two seater and is the main attack aircraft used in the RAF.
This next aircraft is the famous Harrier. It is a single seater, but there are two seat varients. This is a British design and because no other country within NATO could come up with a working vertical take of aircraft, it is now also used by the US amongst other. It has a ground support role and would work with the Army. These are being used on Afganistan tosay.
Another Tornado, this time the F3 version. It has the longer nose than the GR4 pictured above which houses a radar. This aircraft is an intercepter (fighter). It is now being taken out of service while the Typhoon is replacing it.


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