Saturday, September 30, 2006

More microlight stuff

I have been asked to show a few more microlight pictures on my blog, so here goes. This first picture is a French built Air Creation. This was taken at the trade show at Popham while we still lived in the UK. I would love to own one of these with the four stroke four cylinder engine. It is a very well built machine and seems to show up the UK microlight builders. There is even a built in panier under the engine - great for the picnic. This is the sort of aircraft that could be used for trips from the south of France to the UK with no problem.
This is a picture of me over the Lake district, taken by Richard Procter, from another microlight. We were on a trip around the UK at the time and in this picture we are heading south down the west coast.
Another picture from the same trip, but this time heading north towards Edinburgh. Again it is me in the picture. The sea fog can be seen coming in foem the east. I was flying my Raven 44XLR at the time with a 503 two stroke engine and a 3 blade ivor prop.
Sutton airfield in Cambs. We took a trip down on the bikes to meet a friend, Mark Hogget, who took us for a flight in his Quantum. Not the sort of aircraft that I would buy as it is not sporty enogh for me. I flew a similar Quantum across Canada in 1996, as part of an RAF microlight expedition.


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