Sunday, March 04, 2007

Spring has sprung

It is now the 4th of March. The weather has improved after the week or so of rain. I have bought myself another 200 litre water butt and plumbed it into one of the drain pipes so that there is plenty of water for flushing the toilet. That is one of my environmentally friendly projects. I can operate the electric pump to pump water into the water butts from the well, but rainwater uses no electricity so that has to be the preferred method. Today is one of those sunny days in the low 20s. The butterflies and the lizards are out, and the geese have flown over heading north in huge V formations.

I have planted the first of the marigold seeds, but they stay on the garage windowsill for now. I shall start putting them into the garden when they get bigger. I estimate that I shall need around 40 plants this year. I also have various tree seeds planted, but these are a long term job. Many of them are chestnuts and as soon as they start growing they will have to go out into the wood and be protected from the deer. I am fully aware that I will never see the fully grown trees in my lifetime, but it is fun trying to grow them.

The wild primroses and cowslips are growing all around the house now and this morning I noticed that there are also loads of wild strawberries. There is a huge patch of daffodils in the woods just in front of the house, I assume that the last owner planted and forgot about them. I am not sure if he wanted them for picking or planting on, but it looks nice to have a strip of yellow in the woods.

The bikes are cleaned and serviced ready for the first day trip. We are planning many trips this year and were intending to change the bikes, but that will have to wait now.

If you double click on any of the above pictures they will open much bigger.


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