Friday, October 06, 2006

Les Eyzies

Further down the river Vezere from the last post is the village of Les Eyzies. In contrast to St Leon, this is a tourist hotspot. It also sits on the river, but what is unique about this place is the overhanging cliffs. What you see in the first two pictures is the river cut in the cliff, formed millions of years ago when the must have been huge. These days the houses are built into this cliff cut or under it.

Where you can see the statue, above the houses is the museum of pre history. In the summer this place is heaving with tourists and the shops are mostly stocked for them. The Cafes here tend to cater for them too, and are more expensive than others in the area. Having said that it does not make Les Eyzies a place to avoid, there is the river with nice walks and there is a large carpark on the river bank where camper vans can stop overnight.
If you take the road north out of Les Eyzies and cross the river, you will come to the Grand Roc. Looking down from the Grand Roc you can see one of the fantastic motorcycling roads that leads to Perigueux, which is about 25 miles away. The road is empty most of the time apart from August and has sweeping bends through the countryside and a good surface all the way. On the other side of the road is a small car park and the river. Shold you pass this way on a bike, then try and tear your eyes away from the Grand Roc and look in the car park, it seems to be a meeting place for motorbike clubs from all over France. Make sure that you stop and say hello as the French bikers are so freindly and will wlcome you with open arms.


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