Sunday, October 08, 2006

Visiting Bikes

This post was going to about another tourist attraction just down the road, but a phone call changed all that. Julie, phoned from the other side of Perigueux. We had not met before but another English biking couple living in the area must have something in common with us.
After a further phone call from Rouffignac church, I got my BMW out and went to show them the way to the house.
If you click on the above picture it should enlarge. The difference in the size of these two bikes is quite amazing, not only in the engine, 1300cc against 400cc.
Julie is a petite lady so she rides this cute Honda 400, an ideal bike for short legs. (I know how you feel Julie). Jeffs Hyabusa is a different matter, It was never meant to be a trail bike, but he had no problem with hte track or the drive. What a beautiful machine.
As I suspected another biker couple with the same love of this part of France have such similar interests, I am sure we'll cover many miles together, oh no that should be kilometers over here.


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