Thursday, March 08, 2007

Perigueux - the other part

You may have read the earlier post with the title "Versuna", that was the Roman name for the town of Perigueux, which is the administrative town of the Dordogne, also known as The Perigord. Many of these buildings date back 700 years, with alterations over time, but some are modern, but seem to keep the character of the town.
These pictures were taken today and if you want to see more detail then click on the picture and it will enlarge on your screen. Don't know what this building is but it flies the French flag so I assume that is is an official building of some sort. Note how clean and tidy the square in front is.
This is an old building in amongst more modern ones in the same square as the last picture.
Walking down the narrow streets,
you need to look up toward the sky to see some things,
and down the side streets to see others.
In a small courtyard off to the side you find doorways like this,
which you have to look into to find stairways that people have used for hundreds of years.
Just outside that doorway, you look up and see things that many people do not notice. The small balcony looks like it has not been used for many years.
This is the building above a shop.
and this is the shop below.
A fascinating building on the corner of one of the squares.
This and the next picture show the same building at different times of the year.
This square has a number of cafes, with outside tables, where you can enjoy a coffee or a meal at very reasonable prices.
I love this one, it is the top of a very modern underground carpark. A green area with benches has been built on top, but the 800 year old tower still stands in the background.
Some of the more modern buildings that surround the carpark.
Even with the mirrored glass this one does not look out of place.
And another view showing one of the entrances to the car park.
There are many pictures here and when combines with the Versuna post, you can get a feel for the town, but believe me, this is not all. There is so much to see, the river running through Perigueux is quite stunning and the banks are lined with history. The cathedral is something to behold, but I shall not show you everything as I have to keep some things to myself, you are welcome to visit Perigueux and find the rest yourself.


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