Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Computer stuff - Linux

I have been using Microsoft Windows for years now, and have been reasonably happy with it. Just recently Microsoft have launched Windows Vista and I looked into it to see if it was worth upgrading from XP. The answer that I came up with was NO. Vista is far too expensive and, in my opinion, takes the control of the PC away from the user.
I downloaded a different, free, operating system from the internet. It is SUSE Linux 10.2. This can be downloaded as I said for free, but that is not all, it comes with programs that do all sorts of things that would cost with Windows, and they are also free. The office software is easier to use than Microsoft Office and is just as functional. I have software that plays music and video files and even photo editing software.
I have downloaded Skype for Linux and have the Skype phone working. The internet connection was recognised and even the laser printer connected to the modem/router works.
The Operating system is very stable and has never messed up, there are very few viruses for Linux and the security puts Microsoft to shame.
If you would like to try this operating system, it can be downloaded on 5 CDs and installed on the hard disk leaving windows intact. It will install a dual boot system called GRUB, which will allow you to boot into either Linux or Windows on startup.
As someone who often spends 3 or 4 hours a day on the computer, i can say that after a week with linux, i have not booted Windows once! Bye bye Microsoft.


At 8:06 pm, Blogger Fran├žois said...

Good for you Bob ! And a lot cheaper too !

Since I make (part of) a living out of publishing sofwtare to run on Windows, I can't do what you did. Although I had Linux running for years on a few old PC's... it doesn't need the latest and greatest hardware as you know ;-)

Been riding a fair bit the past 2 weeks.. finally !

Hope your doctor's visit goes well. Let us know !



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