Friday, June 15, 2007

New rear light on the bike

A month or so ago, Jude treated herself to a new seat for her bike.
Pictures are here.
I needed something for my bike too. A couple of years ago we had fitted LED light bulbs to the rear of both bikes as the vibration tends to blow normal bulbs and LEDs are much brighter anyway. I had recently started playing with a soldering iron and thought that I should make myself a new rear light. I started by buying a load of red 5mm LEDs and some 630 ohm resistors to go with them. I made this up with some strip board.

This used 23 LEDs.

Here are the before and after pictures of the rear light, with LED bulb and then LED panel.

As the pictures were taken in the dark garage with flash, they do not really show how much brighter the panel is compared to the bulb.

This is the difference with the brake lights on:

The brake lights in the indicators are also LEDs that were fitted to both bikes a while ago. The pictures do not really do the new light justice, in practice it is a vast difference.
For those that are interested in trying this, for any bike, feel free to email me on the address above in my profile and I will help. I could have made this with about 36 LEDs for even more effect, but I am sure that Jude will want one with 36 for her bike, watch this space.