Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Take off, Tanarg

Take off, Tanarg
Video sent by madmanbob

Another take off video

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More flying with my wife and the camera

Jude woke me early this morning, 6:30 to be exact, with a cup of tea and said that she wanted to go flying! We took off from our strip at Cendrieux and headed east to avoid Bergerac airspace. We then turned south and headed for the village of Domme, which has a nice airfield behind it. Above is the airfield.

On finals for runway 11. It is so long that we did a perfect landing and opened the throttle again for another circuit.

Then parked up at the first hangar for a cup of French coffee. The aircraft in the background are all used to fly holiday makers around the local area. We then took off for a look around.

One of the most famous fortified villages in the Dordogne, Domme, with the river Dordogne snaking around the bottom of the cliff. Just about every tourist who has visited this region has been here and taken a photo from the top of the cliff toward the bridge over the river. We are lucky in that we get to see things from a different angle.
Beynac castle, on the way there. Good job that it was a nice calm morning today.

Not many people get to see this place from the air. It played a vital role in the 100 years war, when it was occupied by the english and the French.

The famous Roque st Christophe (see older post for more info) with the river Vezere in the forground. This valley has more prehistoric sites than anywhere else that I know.
After an hour and fifteen minutes total flying we landed back at Cendrieux. While I put the microlight back into the hangar, my wife cooked backon and egg sandwiches on the campstove.
I still am not sure why I decided to retire at 46 a few years ago, when I could still be in the UK earning lots of money. Can anyone give me a clue?

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Local aerial shots

This fist picture is our house. It is just to the right of the center of the picture.

Just down the road from us is the village of Plazac this picture is looking north.

Another view of Plazac looking from the west.

This is Rouffignac-st-Cernin to give the village its full name, the photo is taken looking north and showing what the surrounding countryside is like.

This is a bit closer, note that there are two squares in Rouffignac.
Rouffignac again.

These pictures were taken by Jude on an early morning flight. Things must have improved for her confidence in the microlight as she can now use the camera with both hands and does not need to hold on with a vice like grip!