Monday, September 24, 2007

Microlights again - what we have bought

I sit here in the UK with the microlight on the trailer outside waiting to be transported home. The ferry leaves the UK for France at 23:00 hrs.
After flying both the P&M Quik and the GT450, I had thought that the GT450 was the better machine for us. The things that niggled me was the need to reach around the passengers legs to find the magneto switches or the hand throttle on both of these machines. The seating arrangement is quite cramped.
Last Saturday I passed through Sywell, near Northampton, and stopped in to have a look at the Air Creation Tanarg 912S. Stuart Bond offered to let me fly the aircraft. First impressions were good. High quality and finish, loads of room and a nice microlight to fly. This particular aircraft was the demonstrator that had won the world microlight championships, in the hands of Paul Dewhurst, a couple of months ago.
On Friday I collected the aircraft on the trailer.
The Tanarg will be used for touring so I am happy to sacrifice a few miles per hour to gain the huge increase in comfort and room.
Here is a picture of the Tanarg on the day that I flew it.
More pictures will follow when we get back home.