Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Home again!

We are home at last. Despite being made welcome at Rob and Libs house in rural Oxfordshire, it is nice to be back. Thanks Rob for putting up with me and my microlight quest.
The microlight was towed home on the trailer that was bought specifically for her. We kept the speed below 55mph all the way back as I was not too sure about the small trailer wheels even though they had new tyres and one side a new bearing. The car managed fine and still gave over 40 mpg.
We contacted the French chap who owns a local 400 meter airstrip and were told that we could use it anytime for free. the first flight was last Saturday.
We rigged the aircraft and refueled.
I took off for a quick test flight to make sure that everything was OK before Jude got into the back.
After a quick 5 minutes, I landed and Jude got into the rear seat with her camera attached to a neck strap. She was cold and worried, so worried that she did not take any pictures!
We spent a very happy hour flying around to get our bearings and saw many local sights from the air, Roc st Christophe, Rouffignac, Les Eyzies and much more. After we landed I got into the car to collect more fuel from the local petrol station, but on my return it had started to rain. We packed up the microlight and went home.

To make sure that I did not need to spend too much time local flying I decided to fit the Garmin 296 GPS, that way we can find our way back to our airfield.
Here is a picture of the GPS fitted to the right and the digital instrument screen in the center.
Next thing to do is fit the radio.
We are planning on flying again this weekend.
Click on the pictures to see a larger view.


At 9:43 am, Blogger Fran├žois said...

She looks wonderful, Bob ! What are the zippers in the seat for, just to take it off or for stowage?

At 6:35 pm, Blogger madman said...

Yes they are stowage pockets for gloves and small things, there is a larger one under the rear seat for tents and sleeping bags etc.


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