Friday, July 27, 2007

Tour de France, and the rest

We had the day out today and went to watch the Tour de France passing through our area of the Dordogne. We had been told that all we would see is some bikes going past us very fast and it was not worth the effort. Armed with bottle of water, crisps and biscuits, we parked up at the side of the road and were soon joined by the French Police. They were very friendly and polite.
There were many passing along the road in the normal biking gear for this area. I know that many members of the UK BMW Owners club will not like this picture as they believe in wearing full protection from head to toe! In my opinion, this shirt sleeved policeman is doing it the correct way in this heat and he will not suffer dehydration.

The advertising cars and trucks were soon upon us. Most of them were throwing goodies to the crowd.
Some of the vehicles were fantastic, when did you last see a pack of four water bottles driving down the road?
Even mundane cars were covered in flags and things.
Not sure what this was, but they were advertising something and I thought that it was worth a picture.
I know what this is, but have never seen one like this before, do you think that he carried a spare wheel for that?
Then came the 2CVs, that classic symbol of France. I liked these as they were throwing samples of French salami type sausage to us!
More tyres, but I thought that the spare was meant to match the size fitted to the car.
Not sure, but I think this is a water bottle.
Another water bottle, but it looks like it belongs in a science fiction film.
I thought that this was good, not sure that the big guy on top is driving though as there was someone else below him with a steering wheel.
Wondered if this was going backwards or forwards.
More strange buy funny looking cars.
Then came the boat. I think that it belongs in the Channel, between Britain and France, must have got lost.
These were some sort of square dustbin with wheels on them.
We all know that mobile phones have cameras in them, but how about a watch with a built in car! whatever will they think of next!
To the locals, this was a party event. These two were fed up with the hot sun so they made themselves hats from the vegetation growing in the woods.
This policeman knew that the TV cameras were on the way and was heard asking his colleague if his bum looked big in this.
The motorbikes started passing, as seen by the attire, they won't be members of the BMW Owners Club.
And this one is even and old BMW. I think that he got caught up in the race on his way around the world.
Then this car and two bikes appeared, the cycles were not far off.
And 2 minutes later, the first group appeared.
Five minutes after the first group, the rest went past. These chaps had been cycling all day in the blazing sun, and had been doing that for the past couple of weeks. They have my respect.
It was a fantastic spectacle to watch and if it comes this way next year I will certainly see it again. I would guess that there were more motorbikes than cyclists, and nearly every one of them including the French police, waved when they saw our bikes parked at the roadside.


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