Monday, April 23, 2007

The French health system

Well summer is here. It was over 30C today and the bikes and the new summer jackets were in the house, not out on the road.
The reason for all this is that I have a kidney stone. I was told back in '04, in the UK, that I had high calcium levels in my blood. The UK doctor told me that it could be sorted with a small operation and that waiting lists were down to 6 months. Great I thought, I can get it sorted before I move to France, not a chance. He went on to say, 6 months to see the consultant, 6 months for a scan and 6 months for the operation. I realised that the UK government had fiddled the figures again, just as they do with inflation and unemployment figures.
I decided to go ahead with the move and not bother with the calcium problem. That was not such a good idea, because it led to a kidney stone. Off I went to my French GP who made an appointment for me to have a scan, two weeks later, and see a consultant, two weeks after that. That means that what would take a year in the UK took 4 weeks here. A few weeks after that I went into Perigueux hospital and had a pipe fitted into the kidney under general anesthetic.
Trouble is that now I need to urinate every 10 to 15 minutes, and that makes biking difficult.
On the 10th of May I am off to have the stone "blasted" and a week or two later the pipe will be removed.
I am very impressed with the treatment that I have had. I was allowed to go into the hospital on the morning of the operation and allowed to leave in the evening. The hospital was very clean and modern with friendly staff and quick service.

I have had a number of people contact me through Youtube and at the email address at the top of this page and ask where the next load of videos are. Thanks for the interest and there will be more as soon as I stop peeing!
For those that have not seen them there are more photos and a couple of better quality videos on my Photobucket site Click here.

Thank goodness for the Linux that I mentioned in the last post, as this has given me something to play with while I am not allowed to do any biking or work around the garden. Jude is happy as the enforced break has got both the main PCs upgraded with faster hardware and, of course, Linux.


At 8:21 pm, Blogger Fran├žois said...

Good to hear (read) you are doing okay Bob. I mailed you, but figured you might be 'down'for treatment somewhere.

Two sons of our Frnech friends work in a Toulouse hospital and they are complaining about 'savings' the government continues to make on health care.

I figured they should not coe to England (or Holland for that matter)... they'd run away screaming !!


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