Thursday, February 14, 2008

More on the French registration

Having gathered all the paperwork together as mentioned in the last post, we went to the DGAC (French version of the CAA). All the paperwork was in order and a cheque for 20 euros was handed over for the registration fee. It was brought to my attention that I could only fly a French registered microlight on a French license.
The paperwork returned within 5 days telling me that G-TARG would now be known as 24PX. The 24 part is the department number for the Dordogne. I called the microlight school at Sarlat/Domme airfield and asked about the French license, and a date was set. I turned up last Tuesday and met Jean-Michael who is an instructor and examiner. Under the French system there are two parts to the test, a GFT to fly and a GFT to carry passengers. I completed both parts in about an hours flying in an AirCreation Clipper with the 582 Rotax engine and the same wing as my Tanarg. I passed the tests with no problem and am now awaiting the arrival of the license in the post.
Jean-Michael speaks no English so everything was completed in French, not a huge problem as I speak enough to get by. Jean-Michael is a very experienced microlight pilot with many thousands of hours, he has a great affection for AirCreation machines and owns a HKS engined one of his own.
The club at Sarlat/Domme is being restructured and there is investment going into various things, it should turn out to be very popular. When the website is finished, I will include a link to it from here.
The best reason for having a French registration is that there are no more annual inspections required for the microlight and operating costs are lowered. The best bit about a French license is that there are no minimum hours to fly every year, the license is for life!


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