Friday, October 05, 2007

Yet another flying day - only just

Baynac off the nose

Why do the weather forecasts never tell the truth? Today and the weekend were forecast to be nice and sunny a week ago, then we get nearer the day and the sky is overcast with a little rain.
We went to Galinat and rigged the aircraft, and fitted the GPS.
Off we went to over fly Plazac as Chrisina in the bar had said she would wave. We could not see her so she must have had the music on too loud. We then went off to Montignac to see it from the air, very pretty.
After that we went over Les Eyzies and buzzed our friends Jim and Diana, they were waving. Before any UK pilots try to tell me off for buzzing houses, the French microlight pilot handbook tells me how to do it!
We then returned to the airfield to have our sandwiches and a cup of tea (we take a camp stove with us when we are out).
The next trip took us south. We passed Sarlat and headed for the famous bastide town of Domme. Then on to Roque Gargac and over another friends house. By this time the cloud had forced us down to 800 feet, so we headed back, but passed Beynac castle and another Chateau on the way.

Another pretty castle

Beynac again


At 3:34 pm, Blogger Fran├žois said...

Jude more comfortable now in the back ??

Great pictures, I envy you guys ! ;-)


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