Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Yet more flying

Last Friday the weather turned out clear and warm, time for more flying! We took off from our local airstrip, Galinat, and after a little local flying went onto Montpezat, on the river Lot.
The skies were clear and we flew at around 3000 feet for the first 45 miles or so. As we approached the river Lot from the north we could see that there was blanket cloud ahead and below us. We only had about 4 miles to go, but the valley was shrouded in cloud. We dropped down to 600 feet and were just below the cloud. At that height it is difficult to see very much in the distance, but the GPS knew where the airfield was.
After a few minutes we were over the airfield, we dropped into the empty circuit and landed. No one else was flying. The owner came out to greet us and said that the weather was about to clear and coffee was available inside. As is normal in France, there were no landing fees to be paid. After we had a coffee each we went back outside to drink and were amazed to see the clouds disappearing.
20 minutes later we were off to return to Galinat.
Saturday was a good day for a local fly around and Jude (who would not relax her grip on the microlight the week before) took some pictures.
The picture below is typical of the Dordogne.
We also headed over towards our house which is about 5 miles from the airfield. As we passed over the village of Plazac (see earlier post) Jude took a very good picture of the village.
We ended up flying for about 8 hours in total over the four days.
We took our little gas camping cooker with us and made tea at our home airfield, we also wandered around the runway and picked mushrooms which we fried up with bacon and had in our sandwiches.
As is normal on this blog, you can double click on the pictures to see more detail.


At 1:07 pm, Blogger Fran├žois said...

Another nice report..... beats 'biking' ;-)


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