Monday, April 07, 2008

A new home airfield

Having spent the last 6 months with our microlight on a trailer we were looking for a permanent airfield. We met Wim and Regis who own the microlight pictured below. Regis came up with an idea, and took us to see a friend of his who has a small airstrip about 20 km away from us. His friend does not fly, but is happy for us to use the area as much as we want.
This first picture is Regis about to take off.
There is a small hangar at the strip, but it is used by a French chap at the moment who has a problem with his microlight and has let us use the hangar for now. This hangar is about 12 by 6 meters and high enough to fit our aircraft in fully rigged. The owner of the land has given us permission to build another hangar and use the strip as much as we want.After a picnic and a few flights to get used to the new airfield, our Tanarg was locked away in the hangar and Wim took off in the Scirroco to return to his 140 meter(small) airstrip at Fleurac. We drove the car back to see that everything was OK for him to land and found him doing some low circuits to try and clear the cows off the runway!
Cows cleared, Wim was able to make a nice smooth landing, this is him on finals.


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