Saturday, October 14, 2006

A day out on the bikes

Checked the weather forcast this morning and it said hot and sunny, so a day out on hte bikes was forcast. I have just managed to get mine French registered, so have a nice small, but legal numberplate fitted now. Jude still has the ironing board UK plate for the time being.
We went down to Les Eyzies and took the Sarlat road, this must be one of our favourite roads with a good smooth surface, banked bends and at this time of year, few cars. We had a look around the market in Sarlat and took the above picture just as we were about to leave.
We then went to Groligac to visit Eddie, who normally rides a Honda VFR800, but has been a little ill these past few weeks. I hope that he can get back on the bike soon, and the skiing season will be with us in a few months so he had better hurry up. At his age he should be taking things easy. but not Ed, he is in his late sixties and is trying to sqeeze as much out of life as he can before he pops his clogs. He did a track day for the first time a few months ago.
After rubbing Eddies nose in the fact that it was biking weather we went off and had a coffee.
While drinking that coffee, a group of French bikers turned up, one of them on this nice old BMW R90/S from about 1976. The others were on a couple of Ducatis, A Moto Guzzi, Three BMW R1200GSs and a BMW R1150R. The interesting thing about the picture above is that this is the grandad of our bikes, which can be seen in the background.

This last bike is the BMW K1200R Sport that has just been anounced at the German motorcycle show. It look so much like our bikes, but with a four cylinder engine and around 160bhp. Give me a year or two and I'll have one of these. Only problem is that it will be a restricted 100 bhp French version.


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