Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The seasons are changing

Perhaps I should have called this post more mushrooms. Jude and I wandered down to the post box yesterday and took some more mushroom pictures. The nights are a little cooler now so there were no Cepes, but plenty of other interesting fungi. Here are a selection of them.

The photos are all uploaded in a compressed format so they lose a little resolution on these pages, but we have the original A4 hi res photos and I was thinking of getting them proffessionally printed as they would look great as pictures on the wall. Do I see a business coming on here?
These green/blue ones are very pretty, but there are very few of these and they are hard to find. Most of them were single ones but we managed to find these two growing together.

This sample is just starting the reproduction process as the white around the cap is a sort of white mould, and mushrooms are just fungus after all.
I liked these curly ones, they seem to catch the oak leaves on top and I wonder if this is so that they can spread their spores onto the dead leaves.
This was a fallen tree trunk complete with moss and at least two different kinds of mushroom growing on it. There were at least 200 mushrooms in total over a 2 meter length of the trunk.
And finally here is my favourite picture. The contrast of colours is fantastic when shown full screen. The mushrooms are a very delicate pink colour with the light green of the ivy leaves, and the brown of the dead leaves in the background.
I have no doubt that if we go back to the same place today, many of these will have been eaten by slugs and deer, but there will be loads more that have grown to replace them.
I don't know what would be safe to eat but the reward of the wander is not only the food but the pictures too.


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